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Certified Solutions for Government/Defence/Cyber Security

Secure KVM Solutions: NIAP PP4 certified, CC EAL compliant

Secure KVM Solutions

Government agencies and institutions worldwide depend on IHSE for innovative, cost effective solutions for day-to-day and mission critical operations.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of KVM extender and switch solutions ranging from legacy VGA to the latest 4K60 high definition video and beyond – all focused on security and interoperability. IHSE not only leads the market in KVM systems for government solutions, but also provides systems for some of the most successful commercial organizations around the world. From basic conference room switching to full scale live video mobile production trucks for sharing replay servers – IHSE has the right solution for you. We will work with you and your goals in mind to achieve immediate cost reductions, increase network reliability, optimize performance, and ensure maximum network and application security. And we’ll do it quickly, cost-effectively and responsibly – the same way you strive to serve your customers.


Common Criteria Certified extenders fill a special need in computer sharing for users, such as those in law enforcement, defence, or healthcare, who need to provide maximum user data security when switching between connected sources

Offering the latest in cyber security best practices, the IHSE 487 series of Common Criteria Certified KVM extenders allow operators the confidence of controlling multiple systems using the same set of peripherals (keyboard, monitor, and mouse) without exposing confidential data to attack.

This Common Criteria Certified KVM extender system is ideal for use in network environments that demand rigorous cyber security provisions – including government, defence, and healthcare applications. It represents a long-lasting, high-ROI investment that will scale with user demands for years to come.

Cyber security threats, data leakage, and managing classified and unclassified data are all reasons to trust the leader when it comes to accessing and managing your data across multiple computers.

With over 35 years of experience in the KVM business, we know how to prevent cyber threats and keep your data secure


In today’s Command Centers, systems are overwhelmingly computer-based, and normally housed in a network server room with human-machine interaction occurring through computer graphical user interfaces (GUI).

These computer-based systems offer the ability to interact from any location that provides KVM connectivity, freeing operators from the need to be in close proximity to the systems.

Although many organizations are utilizing full network connectivity in the command center, they are realizing that this is both a security risk as well as operationally inefficient as high resolution video systems consume more bandwidth than traditional lower bandwidth VGA systems.

Housed in a server rooms, computers are more reliable, last longer, are easier to service, and are secured from physical access by malicious individuals when using a KVM switch system.

KVM Solutions: TAA & NIAP PP4 Certified, CC EAL4 Compliant

IHSE works with some of the best system integrators in the industry to deliver solutions to our customers that meet the requirement of the most demanding government A/V applications. Our name stands for quality – everything from video extenders to full scale high speed 4K and beyond digital switching is part of IHSE’s extensive and exclusive quality experience. We are focused on operational excellence in everything we do. Most of all, we are focused on doing the best job for our customers every day – and we’re making sure you can count on us to provide the best KVM video sistribution systems


You can depend on IHSE Government Solutions. Why? Because we can quickly mobilize a global team of experts to support you in the area of A/V command and control, full motion video, A/V signal processing, A/V signal distribution, and integration of dissimilar audio and video components through media conversion and scalings.


Providing the most comprehensive KVM communications equipment available today, IHSE enables government contractors to efficiently acquire, manage and distribute visual and audio information from a multitude of video formats for analysis, reporting and information-sharing purposes.


We provide our customers with high performance audio/visual switching and extender products where fused communications is critical for situational awareness and field deployment C4ISR. From training centers to high-end simulation and visualization, our leading edge products are tailored to meet the most demanding customer requirements for high-resolution video distribution supporting centralized commands to full long-haul connectivity.

SIRA enables fallback operation from any remote location for continuing operational tasks.


  • Command centers and situation rooms
  • Audio and video communication centers
  • Satellite monitoring and traffic control
  • Training and monitoring facilities
  • Interconnect campus-wide communication buildings
  • Simulation and visualization

Certified IHSE Product

NIAP PP 4 certified, CC EAL4+ compliant

Draco vario KVMA Isolated Secure Extender (Series 487)

Draco vario KVMA Isolated Secure Extender

When it is key to protect your intellectual property or homeland security while still allowing the most flexible access to IT assets, use the Draco vario KVMA Isolated Secure Extender.

Both, CPU and CON devices are equipped with signal isolation with NIAP PSD PP 4.0. For this behalf, IHSE has integrated known & reliable certified components of security specialist HighSecLabs (HSL). This makes sure there is up to date security against leaking data

Common Criteria PP4

The Common Criteria PP4 certification is a prestigious and rigorous standard for equipment used in environments that may be subject to a high risk of infiltration and require special security measures. Certification is only issued after extremely sophisticated testing by independent institutions.

This is a mandatory requirement for many security-focused applications around the world. The certification process includes intensive analysis of weak spots and a thorough analysis of equipment design by independent security experts. Common Criteria PP4 certification confirms the high security standard of IHSE products

Key Features and Benefits of Draco KVM Solutions

  • Highly secure and continuous operation
    Designed for 24/7 continuous operation with hotswap capability enabling component replacement without system shut-down. Extensive redundancy and security options for total reliability.
  • Instant switching
    Switching between sources occurs with no latency, ensuring that operators are not faced with blank or frozen screens and do not miss vital information.
  • Multi-signal support
    Supporting all current video formats and resolution, including 4K60 and beyond, alongside audio, keyboard/mouse signals and USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connection.
  • Future proof
    IHSE maintains a future-proof product strategy. The modular design allows customized solutions and enables the incorporation of future technologies.

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